Brexit Spawns New Trading Conditions

With the UK finally leaving the EU, it has become necessary for the British International Freight Association (BIFA) to issue and upgraded version of the organisation’s Standard Trading Conditions (STC), which is used by every UK freight forwarding agent as a basis for their core business.

Hellenic Shipping News reports that BIFA has conscientiously updated the Association’s terms and conditions to replace the previous incarnation, that was only launched in 2017.

BIFA director general Robert Keen explained that the impact of Brexit on the role of direct or indirect representation has been a complex issue and much discussed throughout the Brexit transition. He added that as laws change, so must the contractual rights and obligations that come with the changes, meaning that any set of industry terms must be reviewed.

“The importance of BIFA members ensuring the effective incorporation of the BIFA STCs into their contracts with their customers cannot be stressed enough. This is something we address constantly with members,” he said.

BIFA will now be urging its members to check that their organisations do all they can to ensure they have adopted the necessary steps outlined in the updated guide to representation with HM Revenue & Customs.

A link to the BIFA STCs also provides a link to the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) STCs, which has just published a three-module digital course to raise awareness of wildlife trafficking and its impact on the supply chain.

FIATA has teamed up with wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC to produce the ‘Prevention of Wildlife Trafficking’ course to allow a wider reach of the subject to the global freight forwarding community.

The course provides information on how to fight the malicious and illicit trade by detailing the information needed to detect, respond to, and report instances of wildlife trafficking. Wildlife traffickers misuse the legitimate transport and logistics services provided by the freight forwarding industry.

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