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Government Urged To Update Port Master Planning

Port master plans can be a highly useful tool for planners in coastal locations, which can help whole regions to grow. This is according to a white paper produced by the BPA and ABP Marine Environmental Research (ABPmer).


Port Strategy reported on the research, which has shown that master plans not only contribute to growth, but also help ports to communicate their strategies more effectively.


Master planning lead at ABPmer Tony Brooks explained how they are put together and why they are such a useful tool. It's important to focus on what's happening at a port at the moment, before then exploring what's expected to happen in the future.


"By going through the master planning process ports can describe how they can facilitate development and investment whilst building in stakeholder interests," he said.


The BPA, meanwhile, wants to promote the benefits of incorporating port master plans into wider development strategies.


Its chief executive Richard Ballantyne said that as part of this, the organisation wants the government to update its Port Master Planning Guidance for English ports. It has been more than ten years since this was refreshed, he added.


The rapid pace of change in the port and freight industry has been identified as one of the biggest challenges facing the sector.


While this is a challenge for ports themselves, a recent article for the BOSS Magazine named new technology, along with the volatility of the global economy as challenges specifically facing the freight forwarding sector.


This is all underpinned by the speed with which changes in the industry are occurring, the publication added.


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