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About us

Shipping & Liner Agency

Incorporated in 2010, Seaway Logistics was formed to provide regular sailings from its home in Hull to Eastern Europe and the Baltic States. With a wealth of knowledge and a strong network in these areas the company increased its capacity and now has a strong relationship with numerous ship owners to provide regular shipments utilising a modern fleet of vessels.

In 2016, Seaway Logistics became part of the J R Rix and Sons group, a family owned company which has a rich heritage in the shipping community dating from 1873 to the present day. Today, Seaway Logistics as a well-established shipping company continues to provide regular shipments to a number of destinations, freight forwarding and shipping agency services

A Friendly Bespoke Service

Our team at Seaway Logistics has a wealth of knowledge in the shipping industry and offers a friendly, bespoke service to their customers in assisting with their shipment needs. We believe in providing all our customers with a reliable and cost effective solution to move goods from A to B with the minimum of fuss.
Whether you’re looking to send cargo on our regular services, needing assistance with shipments worldwide or a ship owner looking for an experienced shipping agent we are here to help. We have built strong trust and relationships with our partners over a number of years to ensure your cargo is in safe hands.

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