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Here at Seaway Logistics, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with an unparalleled service, no matter the cargo and no matter how big or small the project is. We always rise to the challenge and will always strive to find a way to fulfil our client obligations, delivering shipments quickly and efficiently, with safety always at the forefront of our minds.

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What our Breakbulk service covers

Our breakbulk service covers a wide range of out-of-gauge shipments.

Mobile Homes

We specialise in the shipping of mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes.


Items such as CNC machines, assembly line robotics, injection molding machines, presses, and many other specialised devices.


This includes a vast array of machinery and tools, from underground drill rigs, loaders, and dump trucks to crushers, conveyors, and earthmovers.

Heavy/Oversized Goods

We are adept at handling the shipping of heavy or oversized goods, items that exceed standard weight and dimensional limits.


A pivotal category that includes machinery and tools essential for building and infrastructure projects.


Given the size, weight, and complexity of many pieces of agricultural equipment, we employ specialized handling techniques and transportation methods.


Encompassing a broad spectrum ranging from personal cars, trucks, and motorcycles to commercial vehicles, buses, and specialty automobiles

Complete advice & guidance

We provide our clients with all the advice and guidance they need to ship their cargo. Because of the nature of breakbulk projects and attempting to move large cargo, issues can arise, but our wealth of experience comes into its own in this regard and we can help troubleshoot no matter what arises.

Always ship on time

We can advise you on the likes of abnormal load permits, the best containers to get the job done (as international freight movement prevents breakbulk cargo from being shipped in a closed container), the dimensions of your cargo… we do all we can to ensure that there are no delays and your cargo can be shipped on time.

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