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As experienced heavy equipment movers, Seaway Logistics is perfectly placed to manage the transport of plant and heavy equipment of all shapes and sizes, with more than 20 years in the industry under our belt.

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What our machinery shipping service covers

We pride ourselves on always finding the best, most efficient and safest solutions for all our clients.


Powerful and heavy machines that are indispensable in construction, mining, and various earth-moving tasks.

Propulsion Equipment

This includes engines, turbines, propellers, thrusters, and other related components used in various sectors, from maritime and aviation to automotive and space exploration.

Tunnel Boring

TBMs are integral to major infrastructure projects, such as subways, railways, and water conveyance systems, allowing for efficient and precise tunnel creation without the need for disruptive trench digging.


These complex machines come in various types, including combine harvesters, which combine all these functions into one machine.


Cranes come in a myriad of types, from mobile cranes and tower cranes to crawler cranes and floating cranes.


Given their substantial weight and unique shape, transporting excavators requires specialized trailers, equipment, and handling techniques


Our experienced team ensures that these machines are securely anchored and their digging components shielded to prevent any potential damage during transit.

A tailored & bespoke service

Where global vehicle exports are concerned, we take on the responsibility for the planning, transport, loading and shipment of new and used vehicles, covering all destinations around the world. We provide all our clients with a tailored and bespoke service to ensure flexibility and efficiency when it comes to such projects.

We provide both a containerised shipping option, roll on/roll off (RoRo) and lift on / lift off (LoLo), so can cover individual vehicles, large fleets and any and all vehicles that don’t fit into containers.

Destination around the world

We offer both roll on/roll off and lift on/lift off options for all vehicle types and we can deliver cargo shipments to any destination around the world.

As an independent shipping company, we’re able to offer very competitive rates across a range of routes and shipping lines, so you’re sure to find an option to suit your particular requirements.

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