A Basic Guide To LCL (Less-Than-Container) Shipping

Every business owner should understand the operations of freight forwarding and shipping companies, and having provisions for multiple types of cargo is crucial in this regard.

With the cost of shipping goods to France rapidly increasing post-Brexit, then the shipping opportunities offered by LCL or less-than-container are indispensable.

If you have a cargo that does not fill a specific container, you can get it shipped combined with other shipments. LCL shipping means a group of boxes where one load gets grouped with another cargo as the cargo is of moderate or low volume.

There is a range of benefits from LCL shipping:

  • LCL shipping is highly cost-effective because you only pay for the space or volume that you require. As such, it becomes cheaper than even freight shipping.
  • If you want to save up on the inventory space, then shipping in small volumes is quite sensible as such small business owners use this mode of shipping for more profit.
  • LCL shipping becomes preferable during the peak season.

LCL shipping will help with delivering your cargo in time while remaining cheaper than other alternative options, such as air freight. Most people opt for LCL shipping because it is more affordable, plus you do not have to face the restrictions that airlines have to face in shipping hazardous materials.

When deciding on your preferred freight forwarder or shipping company, there are some questions to ask to ensure you are getting the correct service for your needs.

What is the origin, shipping address of the cargo? What is the weight, value, dimension, and size of the load? In addition to this, whether the shipment considers an oversized gauge, which mode of transport you want, and the volume of cargo you intend to transfer.

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