New Zero Emission Ship Design Unveiled

There is a widespread acknowledgement that the global shipping industry needs to take action to reduce its emissions, although there is a great deal of debate over the best way in which to achieve this.

An article for The Engineer recently shared a new design from British company Windship Technology, which has unveiled the design for its first zero-emission cargo ship. It has used technology from the wind turbine industry to come up with its innovative prototype.

There are a great deal of features in this new design, including the company’s patented triple-wing rig, as well as a new diesel electric ship drive system that, according to the company, eliminates CO2, NOX and SOX emissions.

The design also features solar arrays, carbon capture technology and an optimised hull design, while the vessel is fitted with specialist weather routing software.

Director of Windship Technology Lars Carlsson commented: “Shipping is not fit for purpose in the future. Shipping and oil companies are the only major industries still increasing their emissions and must change and think differently if it is to have any hope of reaching the emissions targets set out in law.”

Meanwhile, Shipping Technology recently reported that Swedish Company Alfa Laval is conducting research into the development of a solid oxide fuel cell that would also help the shipping industry reduce its emissions if it is successful.

The news provider noted that this technology could be important for helping shipping providers to deliver the 50 per cent reduction in emissions targeted by the International Maritime Organisation by 2050.

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