Well Prepared Freight Forwarders Help Avoid Brexit Chaos

Brexit has provided many challenges to the freight forwarding industry and customs authorities, as all involved try to help make the transition as smooth as possible, even as politicians’ input managed to drag out the entire process.

However, as the Handy Shipping Guide has noted, those firms who planned for the worst, including political ineptitude, have come out on top, being well prepared for almost any scenario, despite the difficulties faced.

One such factor that was a certainty was the massive increase in the amount of documentation that is now required for the movement of goods between the UK and the EU.

But without knowing just what and how much documentation, as well as the hurdles provided by the COVID-19 pandemic, it was always going to prove impossible to find the time to hire and train new personnel to make sure that shipments passed seamlessly through the supply chain without any delays.

While those firms that realised this well ahead of confirmation that a ‘no deal’ scenario was avoided, it had made little difference to the fact that extra documentation is still required, even with a ‘free trade’ agreement in place.

Some leading logistics firms were prepared to risk a large investment in hiring and training, hoping it would pay off if the Brexit deal ended up as anticipated.

But even the most informed on freight forwarders could not have seen the exact outcome but knew it was imperative to ensure everything was in place before any final outcome of the Brexit talks.

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