When Is Sea Freight The Best Option?

When you’re transporting goods around the world, there are several options to choose from. There’s air freight, sea freight, rail freight and road freight. So, when is it best to use sea freight as opposed to one of the other options?

An article for Alibaba recently noted that ocean freight is a great choice for heavy goods and international shipping.

Even though it will typically take a little longer to reach its destination than air freight, the savings you make can be enough to make it worthwhile. This is especially true if you’re transporting heavy goods, or a large volume of goods.

The lower costs also make it a great choice for small and medium-sized businesses that might not have the means to cover the higher costs of air freight, or businesses that don’t want to pass these costs on to their customers.

We’re all familiar with the concept of container ships, but what if you don’t have enough goods to fill a whole container? That’s where a freight forwarder comes in. They will typically book a container or several containers on a ship and then you can pay them for the space that you require.

If you’re not sure where to start with using ocean freight for your business, find a shipping agent in Hull like us who can explain their services and help you find the most appropriate option for your business.

Choosing the right freight forwarder might seem like a challenge if this is something you’re new to, so have a read of our recent blog about how to find the right freight forwarder. It’s well worth taking the time to build a relationship with a reputable company, because they will save you money and stress in the long run.